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collapse Question :  What is the DCPR? ‎(1)
The Data Capture Project Register (DCPR) is a tool to register all spatial data capture projects undertaken by organs of state
collapse Question : How does the DCPR differ from the EMC? ‎(1)

​The Electronic Metadata Catalogue (EMC) provides users with information about existing spatial data that is currently available for use, while the DCPR provides users with information about proposed spatial data that is not yet available, but in the process of being captured. If data being searched for cannot be found in either the EMC (existing spatial data) or the DCPR (proposed spatial data), then it may be inferred that such data either does not exist or that existing data does not suitably meet user needs. It is therefore possible to determine gaps in the availability of spatial data and make proposals for future spatial data capture projects.

collapse Question : What is the purpose of the DCPR? ‎(1)

​ The purpose of the DCPR is to: 

• Enable the Committee for Spatial Information (CSI) to govern data capture projects amongst organs of state. 

• Ensure efficient, effective and economical spatial data capture. 

• Reduce duplication of spatial data capture. 

• Notify users of projects intended for spatial data capture. 

• Monitor the progress of data capture projects. 

• Capture preliminary metadata for proposed spatial data sets.

• Supplement the EMC search for available data with the DCPR search for proposed data. 

• Once the data capture project is completed the metadata in the DCPR may be automatically transferred to the EMC as available spatial data. 

• Monitor compliance to SASDI objectives.

collapse Question : Where is the DCPR? ‎(1)

​The DCPR can be accessed by...

collapse Question : Who is required to register a project? ‎(1)
Only organs of state are required to register their data capture projects. Organs of state identified as Base Dataset Custodians or other Dataset Custodians register data capture projects by notifying the CSI of their intention to capture spatial data – This applies for all datasets of which they are appointed as the custodian. All other organs of state must register data capture projects by requesting approval from the CSI to capture spatial data - This applies for all datasets of which they not appointed as the custodian. For more information on data custodians and non-custodians see About Custodians as well as “Data Custodian” and “Non-Custodian” in About Stakeholders.