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Data Capture Project Register (DCPR)


In terms of section 6.1.3(d) of the Base Dataset Custodianship Policy, base dataset custodians must register their data capture projects on the Data Capture Project Register (DCPR) prior to undertaking projects and update the register when changing the status of projects.

The purpose DCPR is to achieve the following:

  • Reduce duplication of spatial data capture
  • Ensure efficient, effective and economical spatial data capture
  • Facilitate the sharing of spatial information

Registering Projects

It is compulsory for Non-Base Dataset Custodians* to request permission from the CSI to collect spatial data and they must complete FORM E1: REQUEST APPROVAL FROM COMMITTEE FOR SPATIAL INFORMATION TO CAPTURE SPATIAL DATA (Link to Form E1)

Note* Non-Base Dataset Custodians refers to other users (not listed in the Base Dataset Custodia​nship Study conducted by the CSI) interested in capturing spatial data and metadata. A Non-Base Dataset Custodian requesting to register a project must follow the approval process. 

Base Dataset Custodians must inform the CSI of their intention to collect spatial data and complete Form E2: INFORM COMMITTEE FOR SPATIAL INFORMATION OF THE INTENTION TO CAPTURE SPATIAL DATA (Link to Form E2)

Users of spatial information may submit their spatial data capture needs in writing to the CSI at least 5 working days before any ​meeting of the Committee, by completing FORM F: SUBMISSION OF SPATIAL DATA CAPTURE REQUIREMENTS (Link to Form F)

Users or distributors of spatial informationmust report any error or deficiency detected in the quality of spatial information to the relevant data custodian or data distributor. The user or distributor must complete and submit Form D: REPORT REGARDING ERROR OR PERCEIVED DEFICIENCY IN THE QUALITY OF SPATIAL INFORMATION within 20 working days from the date on which such error or deficiency has been discovered, unless a shorter period has been agreed on in any agreement by the relevant parties. (Link to Form D)