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It’s a GIS Party!

Corporate Geo-Informatics (CGIS) within City of Johannesburg celebrated their 16th GIS day event on the 13 November 2019, with approximately 190 visitors attending the "GIS party".

The GIS Day provided CGIS and the CoJ GIS forum an opportunity to share what they are doing with GIS, share collective work and make connections with other GIS professionals, Town Planners, Developers, students, departments, agencies, organizations and residents from across Johannesburg (and beyond).

The "GIS party" included the launch the new external Online Maps Website with hands on sessions, Introduction of the new Aerial photography 2019, Digital Elevation model and LIDAR points and the CoJ spatial data on the Gauteng data portal. Other activities included exhibitions from CGIS sections, City Transformation directorate, Environmental and Infrastructure Services department (EISD). The day was filled with interactive activities such as piecing together a world map puzzle, a photo booth with various Props, throwing a dart challenge to hit a specific geographical target on a map. Clients received lovely hand outs and prizes which were donated by the following GIS sections namely, City Power, City Parks and Esri South Africa.

The event provided an opportunity to the public to learn about GIS as well as those who were interested in benefitting from GIS in their own lives and work environment.

The main goal of the GIS day event is to illustrate the use and value of GIS and how it can benefit decision-makers, the public, students, GIS professionals, map lovers and technology enthusiasts. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.