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Sasdi Website > SASDINews > SANS1883: Address standard now available at R0 cost
SANS1883: Address standard now available at R0 cost

The CSI has requested the Executives of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to make the Address Standard available and accessible to all organs of state at no cost to support the fight against COVID-19. The SABS has agreed to the CSI's request and has now published the standard on their website for access at R0 cost. The standard can be access at:

The standard is available in three parts. 

  • Part 1: Data formats of the addresses.
  • Part 2: Guidelines for addresses in databases, data transfer, exchange and interoperability; and
  • Part 3: Guidelines for address allocation and updates.

The CSI would like to thank SABS for agreeing to this request. We also like to encourage the geospatial community assisting Government in the fight against COVID-19 to make use of the standard when capturing addresses and any other matter related to the fight against the pandemic.