Data Sub​committee



Accessibility to and usability of well maintained spatial data sets that will support and enhance South Africa's development planning, sustainable land use management, service delivery and its people's quality of life.



Develop the framework for relevant, current and quality spatial data for South Africa by:

  • Identifying the key drivers/ criteria for core spatial data sets; who needs it; who are the users and for what use; its relevance to the country's growth and development;

  • Identifying and prioritising the core data sets;

  • Transparency w.r.t the criteria used to identify and decide on core data sets;

  • Identifying and formalising the core data set custodians;

  • Transparency w.r.t  the criteria used to allocate custodianship;

  • Collaboration with the relevant Sub-Committees to ensure the development of standards and policies for data collection, dissemination and maintenance (data classifications, data models, data structures, feature types, feature attribute types, unique identifiers, etc.) and for spatial data quality;

  • Facilitate the availability of up to date and complete metadata for spatial data.

  • Maintaining a Project Register regarding the collection of new spatial data sets, as well as projects to maintain core datasets by the data custodian;

  • Increasing communication between data custodians; consolidate and make available a schedule of activities for each core data set; who is doing what and at what timeframes; facilitate integration of activities; strategies, budgets; facilitate joint discussions;

  • Identifying spatial data gaps w.r.t core datasets and its data custodians;

  • Facilitate the collection of all relevant spatial data sets;

  • Monitoring timeliness of delivery and quality of core spatial data sets; and

  • Facilitating budget requirements as and when required to meet the objectives and deliverables stated, which may include capacity building for approved data custodians. ​