Education and Training Subcommittee​

The Education and Training subcommittee supports the CSI in achieving the South African spatial data infrastructure (SASDI) objectives through education and training of CSI and CSI subcommittee members, data custodians and end users. The Subcommittee aims to facilitate the institutionalization of the SASDI by developing practical means whereby institutions can implement the SASDI policies and technical systems enabling them to comply with the requirements of the legal framework. 

At the institutional level, the Subcommittee develops norms, principles and guides that institutions can implement in their daily business processes – leading to discoverable, accessible, SASDI-compliant spatial data. Further to this, the Subcommittee creates a platform for inter-organizational collaboration to address the issue of duplicate and disparate spatial data.

 Individual capacity building is key to implementing the SASDI within institutions. The Subcommittee, together with the remaining subcommittees undertake various individual capacity building activities such as workshops, technical training and stakeholder engagement, targeting individuals from institutions at different levels (e.g. municipal, provincial and national).



 The following custom-made courses are provided to stakeholders:

 1 Day course to raise awareness on the SASDI and more specifically metadata compliance:

  • Purpose of the SASDI and why it's important for sustainability

  • SASDI legal framework

  • Data custodianship

  • Introduction to the Electronic Metadata Catalogue

 5 Day metadata training course:

  • Metadata standards for SASDI compliant metadata

  • Implementation of organizational metadata business processes

  • Manual and automated methods for metadata capture

  • Methods for overcoming organizational barriers to SASDI implementation