Policy and Legislation Subcommittee - Programme of Work​

SECTION 3: Implement a national policy framework to facilitate the capture, management, maintenance, integration, distribution and use of spatial informationRegulation 18: The CSI may prepare policies, manuals and guidelines in accordance with the provisions of section 2(g) of the SDI Act.Section 7.4 of the Pricing Policy and 7.5 of the Base Dataset Custodianship Policy
Draft LegislationDraft Amendment Bill in place 
Draft policies 5 Policies formulated 
Draft Guidelines2 Guidelines drafted
Systematic monitoring and review of the effectiveness of Legislation, regulations policies and guidelines Legislation reviewed every 5 years
Regulations reviewed every 2 years
Policies reviewed every 3 years
Guidelines reviewed every 2 years
Develop the South African Geospatial Information Management StrategyStrategy formulated

Subcommittee Meetings

​28 August 2019
​27 November 2019
​26 February 2020