​Policy and Legislation Subcommittee


To improve the quality of life for all South Africans through the development and review of applicable legislation, policies and guidelines aimed at providing efficient and effective management of spatial information required to promote economic development whilst protecting the natural environment.


The functions delegated to the Subcommittee on Policy and Legislation by the CSI are listed underneath:

  • To provide for the development, implementation, monitoring and review of legislation, policies and guidelines adopted in order to promote the effective and efficient implementation of SASDI.

  • To research for existing and proposed legislation that may have an impact on the work of SASDI.

  • To identify areas that may require policy formulation in order to promote the implementation of SASDI.

  • To advise the CSI on matters referred to the CSI  by the Minister, the Director-General or an organ of state; any matter regarding the capture, management, maintenance, integration, distribution and use of spatial information; and any matter the Subcommittee considers necessary or expedient for achieving the objectives of the SASDI.