Standards Subcommittee - Programme of Work

SECTION 11 OF THE ACT:   Spatial Information standards and prescriptions.Regulation 2, 3 and 4:Determination, Identification and Adherence to StandardsSection 6.1.4 and 6.1.6 of the Base Dataset Custodianship PolicyStandards site license and procurement of standardsNumber of organizations with access
Metadata standards, Part 1 (SANS 1878-1, ISO 19115-1 & ISO 19115-3)Custodians trained on standards
Identify and gazette standardsList of standards gazetted
Participate in the development of standards(SABS/TC 211, SABS/TC 001, ISO/TC 211, OGC, UN GGIM Africa, etc.)As per the ISO and SABS programme of work
Test standards implementationTest the implementation of each standard by each custodian

Subcommittee Meetings

​21 August 2019
​20 November 2019
​19 February 2020