​Standards Subcommittee


  • The SASDI should support effectively and efficiently, participatory democracy, service delivery and sustainable development in South Africa to improve the quality of life of all.

  • To ensure an integrated systems environment that caters for requirements of users, custodians and central operations in support of CSI and SASDI. This should ensure encapsulation of Metadata requirements in an integrated manner.

  • To ensure that a network of Integrated Spatial Data environment along the lines of Clearinghouse in the US and INSPIRE in Europe.



  • Identify the standards that are needed for the SASDI to succeed (e.g.: data quality, metadata, ontologies, data models, unique identifiers, software interfaces, web services, network services, encoding and portrayal).

  • Identify the candidate existing standards and the relevance of these standards.

  • Identify the standards that need to be modified, profiled (subset made of the parent standard) and/or developed from scratch.

  • Develop and maintain standards for the effective and efficient implementation and functioning of the South African Spatial Data Infrastructure (SASDI).

  • Promote awareness of the relevant standards, including creating and distributing training materials that make it easier to read and interpret the standards.

  • Promote adherence to standards, including a strategy for determining conformance.