Systems Subcommittee



The SASDI should support effectively and efficiently, participatory democracy, service delivery and sustainable development in South Africa to improve the quality of life for all;

To ensure an integrated systems environment that caters for requirement of users, custodians and central operations in support of CSI and SASDI;

To ensure that a network of Integrated Spatial Data Environment along the lines of Clearinghouse in the US and INSPIRE in Europe;



  • To establish a sustainable Spatial Data environment that meets the requirements of the SASDI, and enables and efficient and effective SASDI;

  • To explore appropriate ICT solutions that meets the criteria defined by CSI, Custodians and Users;

  • Identify the potential competitors to the SASDI (such as Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, Tracks4Africa, etc) and how the CSI could collaborate with them to improve the SASDI;

  • Discuss and provide guidance on systems and technology pertaining to the sharing of geospatial information across government as envisaged by the CSI;

  • Facilitate identification of web-based geospatial information sharing mechanisms;

  • Discuss and make the necessary recommendations to the CSI regarding the allocation of funding for strategic SASDI initiatives; and

  • Ensuring successful implementation of all SASDI related sub-projects.